Two decades ago Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelligences opened the way to a new way of recognizing the skills that will lead us to success in the various facets of our life.

In this post we bring you a very short description of each type of intelligence, so that you try to identify yours and from it you can find a thesis topic and finish this process in a fast and very professional way.

Regardless of the career you study, you may not excel in all aspects of it, but we assure you that in some of them you will. Take advantage of it and start writing your dissertation now!

Linguistic intelligence

You have the ability to express yourself orally as well as written, or you are a lover of reading.


  • If you know how to express very well, make a lot of emphasis on making a memorable lift.
  • If you write much better, write the best final text that you can, so that your failures in the sustentation do not greatly affect your final grade.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

You have skills to solve logical and mathematical problems with great ease. You have an innate taste for numbers, you love to manipulate them.


  • Concentrate on studying topics with quantitative focus, they will be of great impact.

Space intelligence

You can create images of the world in your mind and then you can capture them through different instruments.


  • If you do not study a career like painting, architecture, etc .; most of the time it is possible to relate your profession to your passion, for example, if you study economics but love painting, you can make an economic study about the cultural sector, with an emphasis on painters, and analyze their opportunities in the market, their advances and main problems.

Musical intelligence

They appreciate music, compose songs, dance, play instruments or sing with great ease, musical producers.


  • You study business administration, but your passion is music: How about a thesis where you develop a business proposal for the creation of a musical production company for amateur musicians with few resources?

Body intelligence – kinesthetics

Ability to use different parts of your body in activities with great skill.


  • If you study bachelor’s degree in children’s pedagogy, but have great sports skills and know about this topic, you can develop a thesis where you propose a teaching methodology based on one or several sports activities, to encourage physical activity and therefore the motor development of children and girls.

Intrapersonal intelligence

You have the ability to understand yourself, you have good self-esteem, safety, control your emotions, you can be a leader in any field.


  • If you study psychology you can do a degree work based on interventions to groups of people to improve some aspect of their life.

Now, if you study a career as an engineer, but you have this intelligence; You can always choose the human side of the career and carry out a study on the professional engineers, analyzing some aspect such as their expectations when studying the career, or the difficulties in the labor market, etc.

Interpersonal intelligence

You have the ability to understand others, support them and not judge them. You like others and you have a lot of confidence.


  • Here you should focus on developing an applied thesis, regardless of the career you are studying, a case study or a Participatory Action Research will be your best option, because you will be able to obtain a great amount of information from your primary sources, and you will achieve that it actively participates in your investigative process.

Naturalist intelligence

You enjoy nature, not only you like to observe it but to study it.


  • In case you do not study biology, ecology or any related career. But your passion is for the natural environment, remember that for example you can give an environmental focus to a large number of topics, such as economic growth, viral diseases, the construction of a road, technological advances, among many others.

It is necessary to mention that everything needs a bit of creativity, which is nothing more than relating issues that are not related. This creativity is not something innate, that is, it is educable and perfectible. We can all be creative. We recommend you travel for short or long distances according to your facilities, attend events of any kind, visit museums, parks, zoos, galleries, etc., enjoy concerts or any artistic show, surround yourself with creative people, and live the most of interesting experiences; This will greatly stimulate your creativity.

Finally, remember that there is no single type of intelligence, so that all people are good at something, only that many times we do not stop to analyze ourselves and find that hidden intelligence, which strengthened will allow us to achieve our dreams and goals, such as the thesis; succeed; and most importantly, be happy.

When writing your thesis do not worry about aspects of form such as APA standards, spelling or grammar, leave this in our expert hands. Also, lean a lot on all the tools we have built to help you in the process of your thesis.