Imagine that one day you wake up with an idea that in your mind seemed wonderful and somehow innovative, then you get up and go to the university where the daily stress of the last semester begins: How will I do my thesis to graduate?

Imagine that instead of worrying and searching in thousands of places, you remember that idea that came to your mind one day and you start to investigate and write about it. Would not it be great? Would not you get up motivated every day?

Exactly that exercise has been done by many students around the world, not only graduating but also creating a successful product or service, and a way to dedicate themselves to what they like for the rest of their lives.

While not everyone has achieved success, at least writing and researching about an idea they had or a dream they wanted to fulfill, insurance facilitated their thesis process to a great extent.

In this post we bring you some examples of degree theses from which successful products and services were created that became large businesses.

  1. Google

The writing of a doctoral thesis in 1995 for the University of Stanford, in charge of a couple full of knowledge, was enough to build the search engine that would revolutionize the computer and technological world forever.

  1. VivaAir

This company was born in 2007, from the thesis that its founder developed to graduate from Stanford University; they began operations in 2013 with 3 planes and 8 national routes (within Colombia), and in 2017 they made more than 24 thousand flights, transporting a total of more than 4 million passengers nationally and internationally (VivaAir, 2018) .

  1. Goworking

This innovative platform that manages to connect the coworking spaces (shared work spaces) with the potential users of them, was born from a postgraduate thesis at the University of Buenos Aires, and is in the process of growth thanks to its innovative proposal.

  1. Bodytech

This leading sports medical center in Latin America was born as an idea of ​​work of the degree of two students of the MBA of the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá; It opened its doors in 1998 and thanks to its innovative proposal this gym is still valid and growing throughout the continent.

  1. Crepes & Waffles

This famous restaurant was forged in the classrooms from an idea of ​​two students coming to graduate in the year 1980, and what was once just an idea today is a great company that reaches the hearts of consumers not only for its delicious dishes but for its philosophy of helping mothers head home.

If you have a dream, a goal or an idea, and this is somehow related to your career, start to write your research proposal, insurance will be accepted and you will get an excellent final document.

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